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TCG Expert Tips – Which Inspection should be done first?

When to Schedule Your Termite Inspection

Expert Tips are quick pieces of advice from leading industry experts designed to save you time, money and headache during the home buying and selling process. These quick tips are serious home-buying hacks you want to miss.

Expert Tip – Get your termite inspection ahead of your home inspection.

By sending the pest inspector in ahead of the home inspector you do yourself a huge favor. The pest inspector looks for and notes specific things that the home inspector may not see or inspect. To the same extent pest inspectors may not give the extent of information on an issue that the home inspector would have. For example, The pest inspector does a very thorough check of the perimeter of the crawl looking for signs of termites, when the inspector finds termites and or damage related to, his inspection stops. His report would read, I found damage from termites in this location. But the pest inspector doesn’t determine the extent of the damage, or any of the implications of that damage. That is where the home inspector comes in. The home inspector would take this information and do more thorough look to determine the extent of what is going on with the damage.

The downside to not taking advantage of this awesome tip is if the pest inspector comes in after and finds insect damage that was not on the home inspection report, you then will usually end up bringing the home inspector back out for a second inspection at additional cost to the home buyer to help further understand the implications of what the pest inspector has found.

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