PROShow Ep 7 Everything you MUST know about Septic Systems before buying with Riddle Septic Systems Owner Scott Riddle

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We knew the minute we looked up Scott Riddle that we were going to really like him. He has a sense of humor about what he does… but he still takes it very seriously. How you might ask does that work? He really believes in doing a great job for his clients and educating them in the process. The fact that his business is all about a subject your mom would say isn’t dinner table discussion worthy is something Scott just owns and makes you comfortable to navigate.

This episode is something every homeowner, someone looking for a home or agent with clients who are home buying should watch. Are septic systems scary? How often should you have a septic system pumped? What’s important to know for a septic tank inspection?

We know you’ll get a kick out of Scott’s episode and be more informed for viewing. Thanks so much for watching! Another PROshow this week LIVE – Check it out on Facebook.

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