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PROShow 10 How To Do Video Content with Tyler Helms

Tyler Helms is a videographer and marketer who is the man behind The Closing Guys amazing videos. He has a lifetime passion of making videos that started at around age 10. Before opening his own business he was the IT Director for the NC Association of Realtors. While there he helped them reinvent their video strategy. This experience inspired him to start his own company in Feb of 2018, Tyler Helms Creative. He started with the idea of doing real estate videos, drone footage, etc, but quickly evolved into much more. He now focuses on creating multi-media packages for small businesses helping give them a voice through video.

One of the biggest misconceptions with video for business, is that they are 2 things. 1, video is expensive and 2, video is only for promotion. The reality is, you have a smart phone that is very capable of making video if you really wanted to do it. And also, not all video has to be polished “TV ready” footage. This polished footage seems to work best when it’s used for your 30 sec promos and the like. But a lot of footage can be more casual. The key is not always the polish but the niche. Unfortunately, things have changed and it’s not as easy to just throw a video on Youtube and have it go viral like it did in times past. The key is providing value, and having specificity. Tyler shares an example. Instead of making a video about changing the oil in your car, you would make a video about how to change the oil in a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Turning the advice back to your own business, how can you make these things happen? A great idea, would be to think of the most asked customer questions, and make videos answering those questions and what they can do next. The idea centers around giving the most value to your ideal customer. We talk about the example of our family construction business. Instead of focusing on promotional content, focus on the best social proof available, the testimonial of a highly satisfied customer. Even better, make a set of videos that you share with a customer throughout the building process. They would be released at certain points and times to help the customer better make their way through the long and complex process of building a custom home. These videos would be centered around creating the best client experience. This would funnel into an opportunity for them to be in a customer testimonial video that you could then use to blast as part of your marketing message. The takeaway is  video can be so powerful when used strategically throughout the client journey, not just at the top of the funnel or purely at conversion.

Videos need to be 3 things to be successful. Entertain, educate and impact the audience watching the video. Educating is such a huge piece of that, for example, the client journey videos discussed above for the building business. At the same time, impact can be the depth of the information shared in the video, impact is far too big a subject to dive into in this article. But, how different would your media be if you simply asked yourself. Is this impactful for *insert intended audience*. And of course, not to forget entertainment, your audience should enjoy what they are seeing. For some of us this will be easier than others, but just like impact, simply asking the question is way you can make a shift in the content you produce. Next time you make a video ask yourself, does this education, impact and/or entertain my target audience.

Another way to share your testimonials is to segment them to a more detailed audience. One of the most powerful opportunities we have with social media marketing is the ability to target very specific groups of people. By capturing different types of customers, let’s use real estate as an example. Say first time home buyers, buyers of luxury homes, empty nester buyers, and condo buyers, and maybe through in buyers of rehab/renovation projects. If you get a video of each of these types of clients talking about their experience, the ups, the downs and how you helped them. You can then harness the power of social media targeting and play the specific video you made to the exact audience you want to see it. This is something that was not available to advertisers at any budget only a few short years ago, but not can be used by someone for a budget of $100 or less. By using video as the medium, you are riding the wave of information on the web and social media. Video is the dominant way people consumer information and will continue to dominate into the future.

Tyler then talks to us about an idea, that if used properly will revolutionize your business and how you approach content. An amazing niche strategy that anyone can use that creates an avenue of content that will be natural to make and effectively draw your customers to want to follow you. A very easy way to create entertainment and impact. But for that tidbit, you’re going to have to way the show!

This is just a small piece of what is available in this episode jam packed with educational, impactful, and what I think is entertaining content. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading and watching!

Let us know below what business you operate and what you would like to know about video and content based marketing for your small to medium sized business.

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