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MOLD – What every homeowner or buyer should know (And Agent!) Don Simms Remediation Solutions

Mold is a real four letter word in the real estate and home world. Fungal growths are attributed to destroying a home and causing a vast array of health problems. But what is the real story?

This week we take a deep dive into the nitty gritty world of mold. Our guest on this episode, Don Simms of Remediation Solutions is a 30 year veteran of the industry. We are shine light on some myths and misconceptions and get straight to the facts from straight from the experts mouth.

What is mold and how do you tell if you have it? What are some of the tricks of the trade to spot it visually?

Is mold really harmful to your health? Is this true for all types of mold? What are the different types? What about black mold? Is there a difference between mildew and mold?

We talk about wood destroying fungus. And what type of environment does mold need to grow? Where does it thrive and how to you find it. What about testing? Is it always necessary?

What’s the most common issue people have with mold, a fear they have it from something they have seen visually, or health issues experienced by inhabitants of the home?

Once you have mold, can it always be remediated? We talk a lot about high levels of mold, but what does that mean? And what is the threshold for mold being too high?

We take a deep dive into the remediation process starting with room to room air testing. Preparing the area and making sure to not contaminate other areas of the home during remediation. What type of demolition is necessary, and the process to get rid of the mold.

What crazy situations does a mold expert run into?

What is VOC testing and why is it a concern?

And maybe the most asked question about mold, is bleach a good way to get rid of it?

If you are concerned about mold in your home you can reach out to Remediation Solutions for more information, testing and remediation when necessary.


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