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The Ultimate Directory of local service providers you can trust. Referred, rated and reviewed by your peers. 


An online forum that gives you DIRECT access to the pros for the answers you need. Or for when you have a problem and you’re not sure who to call. 

Due Diligence MASTER

Tired of Due Diligence chaos? We have a system that gives you the tools and knowledge for a smooth successful due diligence. 

How Does it work?

Real Estate Pros log in to find Answers to their questions & THE RIGHT Service Provider in the RIGHT Area! EASY

Meet The Closing Guys

Brad and Don Williams have a combined 40+ years of experiences as customer Home Builders and business owners. They have spent the last 5 building a successful home inspection business. Being home inspectors has really opened our eyes to the due diligence process. We've noticed usually customers are uninformed and often fearful of the process and agents are stressed.
The worst part is we see many deals fall apart. Far too often, it’s the things we find that seem to spoil things. This means a lot of wasted time, effort and resources for agents and wasted time and money for clients. As a home inspector our hands are tied from any solutions, all we can do is point out the problems. Problem is, our clients and their agents really needed more and we wanted to do more.

They need better access to the RIGHT service providers, other professionals they could build trusting relationships with. They need a platform to make it possible. That’s phase 1.

Next it’s about more informed clients and agents. Then there are better trained eyes on the homes before offers are even started. This will lead to clients well informed on the process and what they are getting into. It's a great system to help take some of the stress out of the deal.

Truth is, everyone wants to see the house close. The buyer, the seller and both parties agents. This also includes us, we want to see you close more homes too.

Due Diligence LIST

There’s no time to waste in Due Diligence …. Find Reliable Help FAST

Real Estate Pros ONLY!

That's right we designed this list just for your Due Diligence process needs!

RAted & reviews by real estate pros

Your peers share their recommendations - The ultimate list of the best local contractors. Find a professional you can confidently refer to your client.

by location & By service category

We made it easy to find just WHO you need WHERE you need & WHEN you need!

Easy export contacts

Whip out that phone ONSITE with your clients during inspection and get them connected to the Service Pro they need ASAP by a simple share button.


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Due Diligence master

Client Portal with Education Material
Ongoing Education
Checklist system
Expert Guidance

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